As many times as celebrities have cried about their nude pictures being leaked online, you’d think they’d learn. It is the Information Age; the more secret you want to keep something, the harder it seems to try to get onto social media. This is an issue assisted by modern technology, of course, but nude celebrity photo scandals have been going on since Fatty Arbuckle’s time. Apparently cameras exert an evil temptation like the Ring of Mordor.

The conclusion we have to draw is that celebrities, like so many of us average people, are motivated to pose nude for snaps based on the need for attention. But a famous person can’t just charge onto Reddit’s “gone wild” forum and post them all “what do you think of this.” So they wait for the photo to be leaked, and then get to dramatically act out a great public hissy about it. No honestly, I didn’t intend for the world to see my boobs! That’s why I took a photo of my boobs and gave them to my friend the paparazzi photographer!

The first big leak of nude celebrity photos on a social media scale was an event in 2014 called “The Fappening.” A whole mess of celebrity nudes was stored in Apple’s “iCloud” service, which then got hacked and dumped to the Internet. This, as is all Internet mischief, was a joint production of 4Chan and Reddit. It got famous enough to be recorded for all history in Wikipedia.

Celebrities whose nudes were leaked that day include Lake Bell, Jessica Brown-Findlay, KaleyCuoco,

Kirsten Dunst, Vanessa Hudgens, Victoria Justice, Kim Kardashian, Brie Larson, AvrilLavigne, Jennifer Lawrence, Hayden Panettiere, and Aubrey Plaza. By coincidence (not), all of them were at their prime for being young and pretty. Do you know who never has their nude photos leaked? Rosanne Barr.

Apple, Incorporated, responded that they’d cleaned house and tightened security, guaranteeing everybody that this could never happen again. So, of course, it happened again in 2017, this time leaking the nude photos of Rosario Dawson, Kate Hudson, Rose McGowan, and Dylan Penn. After this, celebrities got leery of trusting Apple servers with their treasure troves of private photos.

It’s not hard to find these photo leaks online now, as a simple Google search will uncover. On Reddit, the postings of photos led to a typical Reddit purge, abacklash against the purge, purge of the backlashers, etc. But since the hullabaloo died down, everybody’s gone back to posting and sharing the same pics.